Plating Technician

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Title Plating Technician
Job Status Full Time
Shift First Shift
Salary $15.00
Location RAM Company
Position Summary

Set up, operate, or tend plating or coating processes to coat product with nickel, to passivate product, or otherwise clean and treat the surfaces of product.

Minimum Qualifications

High School Diploma or GED

Must have high attention to detail

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintain a safe and productive work area.
  • Inspect incoming product surfaces in order to detect product deformities or surface conditions that would be problematic to the plating process.
  • Immerse objects to be coated or plated into cleaning solutions to prepare them for plating process.
  • Immerse parts in coating solutions or liquid following specified process steps.
  • Set up, operate, or tend cleaning and nickel-plating
  • Position and feed materials into processing tanks by hand and agitate as required. Test the chemical properties of the baths for accuracy to specifications, and insure that all tools and equipment is in proper working order and condition.
  • Maintain accurate production
  • Adjust controls to set bath Remove product from solutions at periodic intervals and inspect product to verify conformance to specifications, including plating thickness, using micrometers.
  • Observe gauges and use dimensional measurement tools to gather and record process and product data. Make adjustments as necessary to maintain process accuracy and product quality.
  • Position and tooling and prepare product on the tooling in order to properly handle and manipulate product through the process. Load and unload product onto specially-designed carts.
  • Perform equipment maintenance such as cleaning tanks using water
  • Determine tank load based on product size and the number of pieces to process, adjusting tank composition and process parameters as needed.


  • Dry plated products, inspect them for dimensional and coating conformance, and then prepare them for transport to subsequent operations.
  • Suspend anodes (positive terminals) or parts or molds from cathode rods (negative terminals), and immerse objects in plating
  • Adjust dials to regulate the flow of electrical current and voltage to terminals in order to control plating processes.
  • When filling and maintain tanks, mix and test solutions, and turn valves to fill tanks with
  • Place plated or coated materials on racks and transfer them to ovens for specified periods of time.
  • Read production schedules to determine setups of equipment and machines.
  • Replace worn parts and adjust equipment components, using hand tools.
  • Attach nozzles, position guns, connect hoses, and thread wire in order to set up tanks and maintain the process.
  • Remove excess materials or impurities from objects, using air hoses
  • Required to wear and maintain appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for proper material handling



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