Fuel Control Valves

RAM Company provides fuel valves that include 2-way shut-off or 3-way control valves. Experienced with both in-line and cartride styles, RAM is fully qualified to meet stringent requiremnts including Flight Safety applications. Standard Jet Fuel MIL-PRF-7024 testing capablilties provide pressures up to 3000 psi and flow rates from .005 to 20 GPM plus additional capabilities whenever a custom set-up is required.

RAM Company specilizes in custom design for minimal weight meeting your specific requirments. Just a few examples of RAM Company Fuel Valves are shown below:

fuel valves

Cirrus SF-50 Fuel Control Valve

fuel valves

Fuel Shutoff Valve

This -10 size high flow, low pressure drop fuel control valve has a rapid transition rate designed for no loss in flow during switching between left or right inputs. The fuel control valve is driven by a magnetic latching solenoid so the last selected position is held when power is removed. This allows the part to have minimal power consumption as the unit switches power is ‘off’ once it has reached it commanded potion. Position indication provides constant feedback for the current position of the valve. It incorperates a molded seal for near zero internal leakage. There is also an optional built-in check valve to prevent back-flow from the outlet to the inlets.