Quality Assurance

RAM Company is dedicated to continual improvement while providing our customers with the best overall design solutions. RAM maintains an on-going commitment in meeting all quality requirements by instilling an environment where all of our employees take ownership in the quality of the product they manufacture.

quality assurance

Supplier Quality Assurance Requirements

Available for download, this document establishes general and special product assurance requirements clauses for use on the Purchase Order and is part of the Terms and Conditions when referenced on the Purchase Order. It is intended to clearly define all requirements for the Seller to assure that all products delivered by Seller on the Purchase Order conform to Buyer specified requirements for quality, reliability and integrity.
Download (PDF, 794KB)

Supplier Workmanship Guidelines

Available for download, this document establishes RAM expectations relative to the acceptance of the product when received by RAM. These conditions are not intended to define every condition which is established by the drawing, design specifications and industry standards but rather provide guidelines relative to the conditions which have been found unacceptable not only to RAM but to our customers. As a supplier, you are expected to ensure you deliver product to RAM that is free from any of these conditions. This is a living document and needs to be referred to often to stay current with changes.
Download (PDF, 2MB)

Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

quality assurance

Quality Approvals

  • ISO9001:2015
  • AS9100D
  • NADCAP – Chemical Processing, Heat Treating, Welding
  • ITAR Compliant
  • Registered with Department of Defense